About Myself

I am Gursharn Wander and resident of Seven Oaks School Division. I was raised by my dear uncle and aunt and they have huge influence on my life. Considering that my aunt was a teacher and principal, I grew up in a household where there were regular discussions about quality education, equality, diversity and human rights. She championed for the education for poor till her last breath and pushed for investments which would trickle into classrooms. She instilled in me that quality education is basic right of everyone and that education can bring equity, reduces poverty and empowers society especially women. It is apparent that I am an educator for over 17 years teaching high school, post secondary students in vocational institute as well as bachelor of computer science students in a university.

Currently, I work as a Instructor for Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology. I live here in ward 2 of Seven Oaks School division with my wife, Paramjit, two daughters and my dear mom.

Why Vote Me

  • Maintaining smaller class sizes and with more staff resources
  • Attaining a safe environment free from bullying which promotes diversity and inclusion
  • Supporting the development of bilingual programs such as French, Filipino, and Ojibwe, while advocating to explore new programs such as Punjabi, Spanish, and Cree
  • Advocating for better technology in schools
  • Advocating for a better funding to Seven Oaks School Division

Vote and Elect me on 26th of October,2022

Don’t forget to vote on October 26 to Gursharn Wander for school trustee- Ward 2, Seven Oaks School Division

As an educator and proud father of two daughters, I strongly believe that we should invest into quality education from earliest stages of schooling to high school graduation. This includes but not limited to hiring more teachers and support staff, reducing class size, taking advantage of technology, and providing extra-curricular activities to shape their personality.

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